Saturday, 4 August 2012

Hyde Park Olympics

On what will subsequently be known as Super Saturday due to the fantastic Team GB performances, we grab Aunty Pink and head for Hyde Park where a fantastic free Olympic celebration is taking place.
Many of the thousands of revelers turn green with jealousy and wish they had thought of bringing chairs to sit on.

Accidentally we also bring an additional guest. Mr Slug has attached himself to one of the chair covers and made the trip from Barnes on Aunty Pink's back.

Lucy gets hold of the camera and takes a picture of Daddy.

This is Lucy's first turn in the giant water zorbs

Lucy get's comfortable to watch Jessica Ennis win the Heptathlon final on the big screen.

After all that excitement Lucy takes a little break.

Then it is time to join the long queue to get into Cadbury World

While Mummy keeps their place in the queue Lucy plays Hula Hoop with a cow

Inside - Lucy is astonished to find someone with worse dress sense than Aunty Pink

This young chap explains why eating lots of chocolate leads to elite sports folks and Olympic success
On the old school message board where kids are invited to write messages of encouragement to TeamGB, Lucy elects to confess her love for her little Gallic friend Jerome
Yay - Team GB!

And one last treat - a trip home in a black cab where we heard Mo Farah win the 10000 Meters.

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