Sunday, 27 May 2012


We are on our way to Stein's in Richmond. It is a Bavarian style beer garden - but on the banks of the Thames. Lucy checks out the web site on my phone while we wait for the train. Following our description of what Bavarian Cuisine is like, Lucy decides that it is SasuageLand.

By the time I had got the camera out Lucy has pretty much already wolfed down all the various sausages.We had...

Bayerische Schlachtplatte
(2 Personen)

Bavarian sharer platter for two: selection of grilled sausages (Nürnberger, Bratwurst and Polish), bacon and meatloaf, served with lots of sauerkraut and potato mash

Bayerische Wurst- und Käseplatte
(2 Personen)

Assortment of sliced Bavarian sausages, ham, salami, cheeses, brie and gherkins served with a bread basket and butter
The food is not what you would want to eat every day (a bit on the stodgy side) but brilliant for a treat.

Of course washed down with a little glass of Erdinger Weissbier

For pudding the girls went to the Ice Cream van on Richmond Riverside

Since it was such a lovely day we then went on to Richmond Green. Lucy complains that Mummy is always holding her back.

After a few games of hide and seek, Lucy tries to scare Daddy with her scary bear impression.

Daddy was not scared.

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