Monday, 20 February 2012

A Day in Richmond Park with Mummy

Mummy and Lucy are spending a day together in Richmond Park.

Lucy is rushing because she wants to get to the "prayground" near Petersham Gate.

She starts of having a nice pig ride

... before taking a more conventional horse ride.

Girls together.

Time for a swing

Slip slip sliding away

Lucy is certainly top dog

I can see some deer from up here!

Walking back up the hill to Pembroke Lodge where the car is parked, Lucy has a quick pit stop on a bench.

However, it is rather apparent that Lucy is really tired.

Even though she is tired, Mummy tricks Lucy into climbing the hill by playing real life Whac-a-Mole on the mole hills which go up the slope to the Lodge.

And of course there is always time to climb a tree.

Many dazed moles are waving clenched paws at Lucy just out of shot.

Finally at the top. What a great Mummy day.

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