Sunday, 21 August 2011

Small Horse or Large Lucy?

Lucy has come to the Shetland Pony Club in Surrey for Holly's 5th Birthday Party. Lucy is introduced to Toffee.

To get the kids used to the ponies when they arrive they are given the chance to groom them. This is Honeybee

Lucy is loving the little fella.

As more kids arrive, Lucy takes charge. Honeybee is going to be better groomed than cousin Jonny going for a job interview.

Lucy is introduced to her pony for the day, Toby.

Toby checks Lucy out.

Lucy checks Toby out.

Toby grabs a quick snack before their long trek.

Lucy rides Toby like a professional

Mummy takes over leading Toby and Lucy on their trek. Toby requires a little bit on encouragement.

Toby relaxes a bit and they have a lovely stroll around the Surrey Meadows.

Toby stops for another quick snack.

Birthday girl Holly is also having an excellent time

Small horses, big fun

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